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My Top 3 Tips for Busting Through Blocks

Are you feeling blocked and disconnected? Do you feel out of the flow? Are you noticing a lot of your fears and stress creeping up and stopping you from living to your fullest potential. Are you noticing yourself feeling needy, judgmental or trying to control situations?  Do you want to know how to create more miracles in your life? 

The secret to busting through the blocks is simple:

1.  Start with the “F word” as Gabrielle Bernstein calls it. The “F Word” isn’t what you think. Forgiveness is the key to start creating miracles in your life.  Once you start forgiving yourself and others in your life, you will create more miracles, more flow, more of what you want.  If you notice yourself being judgmental or attacking others, simply forgive yourself by saying “I forgive myself for speaking badly about X, I am willing to let it go and choose love instead.”  By doing this practice, you will start to create more miracles.

2. Choose Love over Fear.  Be willing to notice your fears. Write down a list of your top 10 fears.  Why are you fearing those things on your list?  Have they been around in your life for a while? Normally, some of our fears are a result from childhood or our beliefs. Just remember fears and stress are just an illusion.  It isn’t real.  Each time you choose love instead of fear is a miracle. Look at your fears differently.

3. Be Willing to Change Your Perception. Be willing to let go of your fears to the universe. Choose love instead. Be willing to change your perception of your fears. Can you look at your fears differently? Start tuning into your intuition and listen to your heart.  Start being grateful for your areas in your life which might seem daunting or scary right now. In every difficult life situation there’s a lesson. There’s something for us to learn so we can grow and get through these times a lot easier next time.

If you follow this practice everyday for the next 40 days, you will start to see a lot of miracles in your life. The things that have been difficult before, will become easier.  Everything will just feel and seem easier. 

Post a comment below if this resonated with you or if you have your own practice to create miracles in your life.






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