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How to React From a Place of LOVE

fear to loveWe have the opportunity to live a happy life filled with miracles, love and joy. So, what holds us back? Well, when we place judgments or try to control outcomes or situations it results into What gets in the way is our fear, limiting beliefs, attachments, judgements, guilt preventing us from shining our light so bright so we can create the life we want, be a mindful and patient mother, and create more miracles and moments that make us smile.  People in our lives, including moments are actually the greatest teachers. 

There are things that may frustrate us to the point where it pushes our buttons and we start to react from a negative and fearful place.  It then becomes a habit until we forget to connect within and connect with our hearts.   I have experienced moments like this during the week where my son has been pushing my buttons.  The surge of emotions move through your body so quickly to the point you can’t stop on time to react in a more loving and connected way.  I am sure you can all resonate with experiences where your child, husband or loved one has pushed your buttons and you have reacted in a way that has made you feel terrible afterwards.  

After moments of reacting from a dark and fearful place sometimes it is something we have experienced in our own lives as children which makes us react a certain way because it was built in from memory.  When you think about it is just a memory, a story from the past it is history because what matters is the present moment, because every moment is an opportunity to make a change for the better by reacting in a different way. 

To create more miracles and flow in your life, you need to let go of the fear, attachments, guilt and the need to control outcomes or situations.  You need to recognise this is all the ego perceptions coming through and trying to take control of your body.  Let love take over instead and react from a loving place and then watch what happens in your life. You will notice more miracles, more love, more compassion and more of what you want. Also, react the way you want to be treated if you were in the other position. Next time your child reacts in a way and you start to notice a surge of emotions to the point of reacting from a fearful way, try these steps:

  1. Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position
  2. Take a few deep breaths in the belly – as you inhale, your belly expands and as you exhale, pull your belly towards your spine, emptying your lungs
  3. Bring your awareness and attention to your heart space
  4. Imagine a beautiful white light surrounding your heart
  5. Visualise the person who is pushing your buttons and send them love and light – imagine them surrounded by the beautiful white light around your heart

This practice will help calm you down and react differently.  If you can’t do this full practice, just try some deep belly breathing and that will help you react differently.

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Namaste x

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