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Create a Daily Gratitude Practice

gratefulA common question I get asked is ‘why should I commit to a gratitude practice? To put this simply, how would you like to create more love and miracles in your life and manifest all the things you want in your life.  You have the potential to change your life in so many ways.  It’s all about directing your awareness and attention. So, if you started to show gratitude towards your money, particularly to what’s in the bank account (no matter how low) you are putting that out to the universe and instead focusing on the lack of money, you are being grateful for what’s in the bank account.  If you continue to focus on the lack, or stress in your life, you are only going to manifest that back in your reality in some way.

What you can expect from a regular gratitude practice?

  1. You feel happier – you focus on the good things happening in your life
  2. Reduces negative emotions – feel less negative
  3. Increases your self worth – gets you out of the ‘poor me’ syndrome mentality
  4. Improves relationships with others including your loved ones

So, it’s time for a shift in our attitude to create a daily gratitude practice to help create love and miracles in our lives.

  1. Need an affirmation, try this one:  Gratitude is my only attitude (Gabrielle Bernstein, Miracles Now)
  2. Get a Gratitude Journal (I bought mine from Kikki K) or you can just grab any notebook that makes you feel like sharing your grateful moments.  If you prefer an App, there are plenty of Apps in the market as well.
  3. Each night before you go to bed, write in your gratitude journal at least 3 things you are grateful for. Here’s some examples of what I am grateful for:

I am grateful for my son DJ who lights me up and reminds me of the light in me

I am grateful for the sunshine

I am grateful for eating such nourishing foods that fill me up with energy


It’s that easy, so give it ago. I would love to hear from you, post a comment below or on the Facebook page.

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