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20 things to do when you’re upset


downloadWe don’t always have the best day, so sometimes we just can’t shake off the funk from feeling flat and upset.  Here’s some ideas to get rid of the funk, and say hello to feeling on top of the world. 

1. Go for a walk in nature 

2. Mediate for at least 5 mins – even if it is guided meditation

3. Help someone else or do something for someone else

4. Put on your favourite song and dance like no-one’s watching

5. Write a gratitude list with all the things you’re grateful for in your life 

6. Tell someone you love them

7. Do something completely spontaneous and fun 

8. Go to a yoga class

9. Practice some deep breathing exercises – breathe in for four counts in through the nose, and once out through the nose. Continue this cycle of breath until you start feeling better

10. Book in for a beauty treatment

11. Organise a lunch date with your girlfriend

12. Load up your phone with feel good music – songs that make you happy

13. Bake a cake

14. Write in your journal about why you are feeling upset 

15. Watch your favourite movie 

16. Tell someone how you’re feeling 

17. Have a bubble bath

18. Spend time on yourself – self care is important 

19. Smile

20.Eat something that makes you feel good 


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