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Week 1: Make Peace With Your Mind

Welcome to the first week of the 4 week blog series Make Peace With Your Mind.  If you are an excessive overthinker, then you have come to the right place. This blog series is designed to give you some practical tools to help you declutter the mind, become more present and change the inner dialogue so you can feel more peace with your mind. 

I was an excessive overthinker to the point of being so consumed in my head I wasn’t following my heart. My ego was running the show, not my heart. These tools you will receive are all things I personally do to make peace with my own mind. Did you know on average, we think around 70,000-100,000 thoughts per day, amazing isn’t it? BUT on average half of that is taken up by negative thoughts, so that’s almost 50,000 thoughts per day dedicated to negative self talk such as I am not good enough, who will listen to me, I feel fat.  The busy mind will start to try and make sense of what’s happening to the point of making it a problem to solve.  The mind loves solving problems. Then there is the time trap - thinking about the past or future. I know I have done this a lot, where I have been worrying about the future, and it hasn’t even happened, or there was no point even worrying about it because it all worked out. Worrying only focusses on the one thing you don’t want in your life. 

Week 1: Bring Your Awareness To Your Feet

Sounds simple right?! Bringing your awareness to your feet. If you are an excessive overthinker like I was, this was extremely hard because my mind would start thinking I am not doing it right, well there I am thinking again. All you need to do for this practice is bring all your awareness and attention to the soles of your feet. This practice is designed to get you out your head so you can connect to your body and be present.  Set an hourly alarm on your phone, call it ‘Bring awareness to feet’ so you immediately know what you need to do, after a day of this practice, you will hear the alarm and you will automatically bring your awareness to your feet.  Start noticing if anything comes up for you, or if you go into the thinking mind.  Sometimes we can face resistance to things we really need in our lives, so stick with this practice for the full week to achieve great results.

You are also going to start to witness your thoughts, what are you thinking about the most, it will generally be what’s worrying you the most.  This could be money, relationships, or stress at work.

So, this week is pretty simple right, just bring your awareness to your feet every hour. Stay tuned for next week’s blog, with your first meditation. Feel free to post a comment below or share how it is going for you on the Facebook page.









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