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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

Have you started off this year already in a state of overwhelm, perhaps taking on habits from 2014 into 2015 and getting upset with yourself? Are you putting yourself down or going through a state of eating too much which is causing you to feel down on yourself and react from a non-loving way? In January, fear-based thoughts can tend to creep into our thoughts because we start to evaluate where we are in our lives and why we haven’t achieved what we wanted or perhaps why we are still stuck in an emotional rollercoaster of stress and anxiety. 

Does this sound familiar? I know personally, every January I tend to go through this process. From eating too much or going back into negative thinking because I haven’t done all I wanted to do, so it limits me from reaching my full potential and creates blocks.  So how do we move on from these blocks we have created in our life? It’s a simple shift in perception from fear to love.  All you need to do is change your thoughts, and you will change your reality so if you are continually thinking I am not good enough, I don’t like my body or I don’t have any money, change the way you perceive the situation or you will just create more lack in your life.  Sounds simple right? It really is.  Just make a commitment to see things differently and the universe will provide for you.  Sometimes placing trust in something like the universe can be difficult if you are in a state of rock bottom or you just haven’t experienced miracles in your life.   Start feeling more love to yourself and others, and even your bank account even if it is only showing $0.  The more love you show each area in your life, will create more flow.  Think about what you are saying, your words are creating your reality just like your thoughts.  What are you saying to your kids? What are you saying to your loved ones? More importantly, what are you saying to yourself? What’s your inner dialogue? Is it loving or fear based?

Start with some little steps, one step at a time. Focus on one area in your life where you are in lack or finding things difficult.  So, for instance, if you want a better body, start having a better relationship with your body by treating it better and nourishing it with foods and exercise which will make you feel joy.  OR start celebrating the money you have in the bank account, even if there is only $0, just feel good about it.  Hope you found this post useful, feel free to post a comment below. I would love to know how you shifted your perception from fear to love in areas of your life.





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