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Meditation changed my life

I love meditation, it has changed my life. I used to be the type that would meditate and then forget the next day. I would beIMG_0220 practicing meditation out of fear, instead of love. What I mean by that, is instead of finding the joy in my meditation practice, I was seeing it as a chore or something to tick off my list.  

When I started to evaluate my life on New Years Day I knew I wanted to make some massive changes in my life so I could help and serve others. If I wanted to change, I needed to do the work, so I made a commitment to myself to make my meditation practice my non-negotiable, so I could slow down and be more present.

My meditation practice makes me feel more grounded, present and connected to my body. It helps me slow down and be more still. I can tune into my intuition. When I don’t meditate i notice how differently my day unfolds, it’s more chaotic, busy and stressful, compared to the days when I meditate in the morning, I can be more present and mindful in my choices and decisions. I am a full-time working mum, but I always make the time for my meditation practice. It helps me slow down and stay connected.  I set my alarm 20 minutes earlier every morning and do my practice before I get ready in the morning, I don’t even have a tea or coffee beforehand. I like to start my meditation practice straight from bed after a splash of cold water on my face. My son has done a meditation with me before as well, sometimes he just likes to lay next to me when I am doing my meditation and that can be grounding too, that sense of unconditional love right next to you.

As for meditation practices, there are so many to choose from. I like to do either a guided meditation, breathing meditation or a kundalini meditation. I tune into my body on what it needs and that guides me to my practice for the morning.

Here are some of my favourite breathing meditations I enjoy doing, you can start with as little as 3 minutes per day and gradually build it up:

  1. Count each inhale and exhale – so breathe in 1, breathe out 2, breathe in 3, breathe out 4 and so on, until you reach 10, then start over again. Continue this for up to 3 minutes, and gradually build it up.
  2. Breathe in for a count of 10, hold the breath for 10 seconds, then breathe out for 10 seconds, keep repeating this cycle of breath for up to 3 minutes and gradually build it up.
  3. Hold your hands on your belly and as you breathe in your belly expands, and as you breathe out your belly comes in.

Have you tried meditation? Tell me about your meditation practice.



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