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I believe every woman can live a life where things get done without the consuming sense of overwhelm. Everything is done with ease, grace, joy and love.

Overwhelm – it’s suffocating, heavy and tight and it consumes your life and you start to believe that overwhelm is just a natural way of being. I am here to tell you, there is another way to live.  A life without overwhelm.

Overwhelm is draining, like really draining. When we’re stuck in overwhelm, we’re stressed and stress releases cortisol in the body. Known as fight or flight response – it’s a physiological reaction. When we think a stressful thought, or become anxious about something, our body sees this as stress and releases cortisol in the body because it sees this as a harmful event, attack or threat.  When we’re overwhelmed with excessive stress, we live in crisis mode. We become burnt out and exhausted. This results in many health problems, including a decreased immune system, digestive and hormonal problems. It’s the reason why we put on weight and get sick all the time and constantly looking for the quick fix, but really what we need to address is the stress in our lives. 

Take a deep breath in through the nose, and a long exhale through the mouth. You don’t have to live a life with overwhelm anymore.

Hello, I’m Michelle. I help busy women (like you) get off the hamster wheel of overwhelm, stress and anxiety to slow down and experience a liberated way of living, where everything is done with ease, grace, joy and love. You become more peaceful, more focussed, happy and fulfilled.

When you no longer feel overwhelmed, you show up for your life in a different way.

You experience life in a different way. It becomes limitless – there’s no boundaries, no stress, no expectations. Everything starts to change. What was once hard, or stressful, becomes easier.

I know too well what it’s like to life a life of overwhelm.

All areas of my life have been filled with overwhelm. I didn’t know any other way.

Get a new job = overwhelm

Start studying = overwhelm

Have a baby = overwhelm

Start a new diet or fitness routine = overwhelm

Have full-time job + creating a dream business = extreme overwhelm

I was constantly living from a place of fear. Fear was running the show. It was showing up in all areas of my life and when I felt overwhelmed I would feel a sense of burden and a tightening of the chest. I wanted to get everything done, so I did it quickly.  I was great at ticking things off the list.  BUT then self-sabotage kicked in, I became overwhelmed because I couldn’t stick to it, so I started to give up.

I was burnt out, exhausted and sick.

I ended up with Adrenal Fatigue.

I was always sick. Any cold or flu going around I caught it.

Tired but wired, I couldn’t sleep at night because my mind was totally wired, so I couldn’t relax.

Waking up tired – even with 8-9 hours sleep I was still waking up tired.

I put on weight, especially around my belly – increased levels of cortisol is known for putting on weight around the belly.

I was burnt out and exhausted. I had no energy for my dream business. No energy to exercise. No motivation, no drive.

I was living in an anxious state of mind – fear was running the show.  I doubted myself – every time because I didn’t believe in myself.

It wasn’t until I realised something had to change because it was seriously impacting my life. 

I started an experiment and started showing up in my life and became responsible for my wellbeing.

I changed the way I got things done, from fast paced to slow. I moved more slowly. Fully surrendering. Fully present.

I needed to reduce my stress, so I started meditating every day without fail it was my non-negotiable. I also started breathing and becoming more mindful and present.  

I focused on self-love.

Self-care became a priority – I put myself first.

I took a different approach to my business.

LOVE was infused into everything I did.

Even though I knew overwhelm and stress was me living in a fear based mindset, I needed to find out why I was living this way. It had become a way of life, I didn’t know another way.  I used a 5-step approach to remove all the limiting beliefs – the mind detox method. 

By doing all of these things, I started to notice I was feeling lighter, calmer, and more connected.

The stress melted away. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Things that were normally hard or where I felt overwhelmed about, became easier.

Then I realised I was living a life that was different.

It was limitless.

No boundaries, I was showing up for my life. Creating space for the things that really mattered to me.

I was more connected.

I was grounded.

I felt supported.

I experienced love in a new way for others, and myself.

I trusted the process.

The stressed started to melt away.

The anxiety started to lift.

I was able to slow down. I was able to respond differently to obstacles and challenges in my life.

I want to show you how to live a life without overwhelm because I am living proof that it is possible.



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The one thing I guarantee is a good time. There might be music, there will be definitely be fun.


  • I’m a Gemini (don’t hold that against me!) – Just means I have a very quirky fun side and a serious side, well at least that’s what my friends say…..
  • I LOVE reading, I have a collection of books, actually an obsession with books. Mostly self-help, health and wellness. I love cookbooks too. I really need to get a bookshelf ;)  
  • I LOVE music as well, you can sometimes find me dancing around my lounge room at home when I listen to music, I love it loud! I was born in the mid-70s so my get up and dance music is definitely the 80s. Yes you may even catch me singing (not at all professional!)
  • I have been married to my husband for 20 years, we met working at McDonalds and have been happily married ever since.
  • I have cheeky son “DJ” who I think was brought to me to teach me a valuable lesson in becoming patient. He is 8 years old and growing up way too quickly. So important to be more present with our children as they grow up.
  • I love animals, I used to have dogs, but they sadly passed away, so now we have a cat called Minxy Belle, love her to bits.




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